Custom Fields – Linked Text Lines


This document provides an example of how to link custom fields between documents.

This document informs the user how to use custom fields to record a line description that can be retained from sales orders through to sales invoices.


Custom Fields

Open ‘Custom Fields’ from the BCE menu dropdown option:

Create a new custom field as follows:

Record Type:

Select ‘Sales Order Line Item’

Label (required):         

Enter a name for the custom field

Help Text:                   

If required, enter any supporting help dialog

Input Type:                 

Select ‘Text Box’ to permit a description line to be recorded

Mandatory tick box:    

Tick as required

Linked From:              

Leave blank until source or target custom field is created

Linked To:                   

Leave blank until source or target custom field is created

Create another?:        

Positions user to create another custom field

Create an equivalent custom field for a Sales Invoice Line description as follows:

Linking Custom Fields

Once the two custom fields have been created, edit one of the fields and link them. 

For example, edit the Sales Order Line Item custom field and link to the Sales Invoice Line Item as illustrated below: 

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