Purchase Order consolidation


When raising Purchase Orders via Material Resource Planning, it is possible to consolidate planned orders from the same supplier.

Order consolidation

When creating planned orders via MRP, a prompt will be displayed to ask to consolidate purchase orders:

If proceeded further, a consolidation page will be displayed. Here you can choose all or specific orders to be consolidated.

To consolidate orders:

  1. Tick a checkbox next to orders you wish to consolidate
  2. If a checkbox Group By Stock Item is ticked, same stock items will be grouped into one line item on the final order; otherwise each of the items listed will become a separate line item
  3. Press Add to consolidate button
  4. Chosen orders will be listed in Consolidated orders section, ordered by Supplier; they can be previewed before submission
  5. Tick the checkboxes and press Create purchase orders button to finalise the process and create chosen orders

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