Cancelling Sales Orders


Depending on the order status there is a different process to close or cancel a Sales Order.

Cancelling Sales Orders

Cancelling open orders

Open orders with no line items picked or dispatched, you can cancel the order by ticking a checkbox next to it and navigating to Actions > Cancel Order on top of the order listing page.

Completing orders partially delivered and invoiced

You cannot cancel a Sales Order items if they have been dispatched or invoiced. However, you can edit the order to delete any order items that have not yet been picked or dispatched, which will effectively complete the order.

Cancelling lines picked not dispatched

You can unpick items which have been picked and not yet dispatched during the dispatch and invoice which allows you to cancel these items on the edit screen.

To unpick the items:

  1. Go to Sales Orders > Dispatch & Invoice
  2. On the dispatch screen tick 'Back order?' , 'Do not dispatch?' , 'Unpick?' for desired line items
  1. Submit changes

Cancelling orders fully dispatched and invoiced

Where items have already been dispatched, they cannot be cancelled, so if not required by the customer you will need to arrange return and create a Sales Credit Note.

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