BCE Excel Functions - Templates

BCE Excel functions are supported from BCE v1.8.0 using local and online editions of Excel.


The following BCE Excel function templates are provide for reference and can be downloaded and reused.

These templates can be used and adapted to your installation.

Where possible the example templates use the standard account codes shipped with BCE.

Click on the example templates to download.

GL Actuals

Profit and Loss by Period

Analysis of the P&L by period relative to the financial year entered.

Click here to download 'BCE Profit and Loss by Period'

UK Sales by Period

Analysis of UK sales by period relative to the year entered.

Note: This template uses department codes that will require configuring to match your department codes.

Click here to download 'BCE UK Sales by Period'

End of Year Tax Report - Net Profit Before Tax

Recreates an 'End of Year Tax report' to the point of Net Profit before Tax for the year entered.

This can be used for the basis for an end of year tax report and extended to accommodate year end tax adjustments.

Click here to download 'End of Year Tax Report - Net Profit Before Tax'


BCE budgets require the ‘Enable Financial Period Management?’ option to be set in ‘Company Settings’, from the ‘Tax & Payroll’ tab.

BCE Budget Template 1

Example spreadsheet to report actuals, budget and variance, with an option to revise the budget and save back to BCE.

Note: This template requires budget codes to be setup in BCE and to be referenced in the spreadsheet.

Click here to download 'BCE Budget Template 1'

Set Account as Budget

Allows selected account codes to be set as budget type in preparation for budgets to be set up in BCE.

The status can be set as "Y" or "N" provided the account has no budget history.

Click here to download 'Set Account as Budget'

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