Processing Purchase Credits and Refunds


Occasionally it may be necessary to arrange for a credit or refund of purchased items. Credits and refunds can be used for a variety of purposes and the system also allows partial credit or refund of purchase invoices.

Processing Purchase Credits and Refunds

As an example, to process a Credit Note with a Refund:

  1. Select New > New Credit & Refund on the Suppliers > Credits & Refunds screen.
  2. Choose the relevant invoice using the radio button and then Select Invoice at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Confirm the following details:
  • Net value
  • VAT value
  • Credit qty: the quantity of items to be returned;
  • Return qty: the number of items to be returned into stock (if any).
  • Create refund: If you chose to Refund the items then this will be ticked, if you chose to Credit only then this will be unticked. This can be amended.
  1. Select Save and the system will either credit the Purchase Invoice, or will also lead you onto the Refund process.

To process a Refund, the system will ask for the following information:

  • To: This is the account where you would like the Refund to appear
  • From: This will be pre-populated with the relevant Supplier account, although can be changed if needed
  • Accounting date 
  • Amount 
  • Currency 
  • Reference 
  • Narrative

There is also a tick box that will prevent the Credit Note from being marked as paid - select this option if required.

  1. Select Create to confirm and save the refund.

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