BCE Scanning App - Technical Information

Scanning App - Technical Information

Find out more about the Scanning App guidelines and compatibility.

This document can be downloaded in pdf format from here: BCE Scanning App - Technical Information Sheet

BCE Version

Business Cloud Essentials Version v1.8.3 or later.

Mobile Devices

The Barcode Scanning App will work on a variety of IOS and Android devices with back cameras.

Bluetooth Scanners

The Barcode Scanning App is compatible with Bluetooth scanners.

Testing was performed on a HENEX HC-3208R device however we cannot guarantee specific devices due to the volume of devices available on the market.


For optimal experience, we recommend using the latest version of a modern browser:

• Safari v11 or newer

• Chrome v66 or newer

• Microsoft Edge v44 or newer

Operating systems

• IOS versions 12 & 13

• Android version 10 & 11

Barcode compatibility

The app may work with different barcodes than the ones below.

The following have been tested and approved by our team:

• Code 39

• Code 128

• EAN 13

• EAN 8

• Interleaved 2 of 5


We recommend the app to be used with good Wi-Fi connection or at least 5/4/3G.

BCE Scanning App - Introduction

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