BCE Scanning App - Setup and Configuration


Before the scanning app can be used to scan the barcodes on your deliveries, your suppliers barcode numbers will need to be recorded in the 'Reference' field for each of your stock item's

The 'Reference' field can be edited and updated manually or for many stock items, the BCE import options can be used to perform a bulk update from a csv file.

Downloadable documents

The following documents can be downloaded in pdf format

BCE Scanning App - User Notes

BCE Scanning App - Quick Start Guide

BCE Scanning App - Technical Information Sheet

BCE Stock Items – Barcode Setup

From 'Stock & Order Items', find the stock item to be updated. 

Edit the stock and select the 'Suppliers' tab.

Each stock item can store three barcode numbers for:

·         Preferred Supplier

·         Alternative Supplier 1

·         Alternative Supplier 2

BCE Stock Items – Barcodes Setup - Bulk Update

Supplier barcode numbers can be imported into BCE from a spreadsheet in csv format

  • Existing stock items can be updated using the 'Update Stock Item (Bulk)' option
  • New stock items can be created and entered manually or imported using the 'Import Items' option


Updating Existing Stock Items - 'Update Stock Item (Bulk)'

For many stock items it may be more efficient to export a list of the exiting stock items, enter the reference field changes in a spreadsheet and import the updated changes back into BCE.

This is performed as follows:

Step 1: Export Items

The existing list of BCE stock items can be exported to a csv format file to allow for bulk field changes.

From the 'Stock & Items' menu, select 'Stock & Order Items' to open the list of all stock items.

Using the 'Advanced Search' filter by 'Stock Type' and select and search for all ‘Stock Items’:

Note: Barcode numbers can only be stored on stock records of 'Stock Item' type

From the filtered list of stock items, select the 'More' button, and choose the 'Export Stock & Order Items':

Clicking on 'Export Stock & Order Items' will download a csv formatted file containing all the stock items. This file can be saved and opened in an Excel spreadsheet.

The stock items data exported contains all populated data field details for all of the stock item records.


Step 2: Update Stock Items with their Barcode Numbers

Edit the csv file and enter all your supplier and alternative supplier barcode numbers for each stock item in the respective fields for:

  • Main Supplier Reference
  • Alternative Supplier 1 Ref.
  • Alternative Supplier 2 Ref.

After entering the supplier barcode numbers, save the csv file.

Step 3: Update Stock Item (Bulk)

To update the stock items with the changes made in the csv file, from the 'Stock & Items' menu, select 'Stock & Order Items' to open the stock list.


From the 'More' button, select 'Update Stock Item (Bulk)':

From the 'Bulk Update Items screen, select the 'BROWSE' button to locate the csv file and click on the 'IMPORT' button:

BCE will preview the content of the csv file and summarise the data that is going to be imported:

Choose Import to proceed with the stock update

Cancel stops the process to allow further changes to the csv file before attempting to run the import again.


  • The exported file can be reused as the bulk import file.
  • For systems that use the suppliers or alternative suppliers 'Reference' field for other purposes, the existing content of the reference field will need to be relocated to an alternative field or custom field on the stock item.
  • Where the Supplier reference field already contains a barcode, exporting items to Excel may change the format, for example, 4005900294548 is displayed as 4.0059E+12. This can be corrected before importing by verifying that the correct format is displayed. Right-click on the column and click 'Format Cells'. From the 'Number' tab, select the required format from the 'Category' list, this is likely to be 'General', 'Text' or 'Number'.
Accessing the BCE Scanning App

The BCE Scanning App is a web-based application and there is no requirement for any installation on your device.

The Scanning App is used by entering the following URL into your mobile or tablet browser

  • https://scan.cloudessentials.oneadvanced.com/clients/#clientname/

When setup, login with your normal BCE login id and password:

Alternatively, on a desktop computer, you can use the Google chrome browsers QR code function on the scanning app page. You can create a QR code of the scanning app URL, then Using phone cameras which pick up QR codes, you can scan the QR code to be provided a link to open a direct page to the scanning app on a mobile device.

Mobile Device - Shortcut

The BCE Scanning app can easily be added to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet using a shortcut as follows:

For both Android and Safari iOS devices

  • Open Chrome from Android devices or Safari from Apple devices
  • Navigate to the 'Scanning App' that was opened from:


Android Devices

Tap the menu icon (3 dots in top right-hand corner) and tap 'Add to Home Screen' from the menu:

Enter a name for the shortcut and tap on Add to create the shortcut on your home screen:

The shortcut is ready for use.

Apple/iOS devices

Tap the 'Share' icon at the foot of the screen and tap 'Add to Home Screen' from the menu.

The shortcut is now ready for use.


BCE supports external devices where Bluetooth scanners can be connected for scanning stock items.

Step 1

To connect a Bluetooth scanner, you will need to access your system settings and follow the instructions to enable 'Bluetooth':

Step 2

Once Bluetooth is enabled, open the scanning app on your device.

The camera can be disabled using the 'Hide Camera' button:

Step 3

The Bluetooth scanner can now be used to scan stock items:

As stock item barcodes are scanned they will be displayed on the connected device.

Stock items can be repeatedly scanned to increment the received quantity or after scanning the first item the received quantity can be changed by typing in the actual quantity received.

Once all stock items have been scanned use the 'Submit GRN' button to generate the GRN for the order.

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