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The BCE scanning app allows you to scan the barcodes on your stock deliveries from your suppliers. 

Scanning the barcode updates the received quantity on purchase orders which can be submitted to generate the goods received notes.

Note:    Your supplier barcodes must first be setup on each of your suppliers’ stock items in BCE to allow BCE to scan their barcodes.

Downloadable documents

The following documents can be downloaded in pdf format

BCE Scanning App - User Notes

BCE Scanning App - Quick Start Guide

The Scanning App

The BCE scanning app is a web-based application and there is no requirement for any installation on your device.

The scanning app is used by entering the following URL into your mobile or tablet browser

  • https://scan.cloudessentials.oneadvanced.com/clients/#clientname/

When setup, login with your normal BCE login id and password:

How to Scan Stock Items

Use your device's camera to scan the barcode on the stock item received.

A list of outstanding purchase orders will be displayed containing document lines that match the stock the scanned supplier barcode.

Alternatively, a purchase order can be found by entering either the supplier name, purchase order number or manually entering the stock items barcode.

A delivery note number can be entered for the purchase order:

The ‘Back’ button returns the user to the previous page to scan another stock item or to select another purchase order.

The ‘Next’ button opens the Received/Order Summary page displaying the purchase order line items

Received tab

The received screen shows a list of each scanned stock item:

Item Name/Code: 

Displays the scanned stock items name and code


Shows the received quantity of scanned items

Stock items can be repeatedly scanned to increment the received quantity or after scanning the first item, the received quantity can be manually changed by typing in the actual quantity received.

Order Summary

Provides a summary of the purchase order quantity. 

This indicates the number of stock items received and whether they are under or over the expected purchase order quantity:

Under received - Lists the stock items that are yet to be received:

Over received - Lists the stock items received if their quantity is more than ordered:

Received as ordered- Lists the stock line items that are received that match the expected ordered quantity:

Note: Additional information can be seen by clicking on "Order Summary Screen"

Submit GRN

Once all the stock items have been scanned use the 'Submit GRN' button to generate the GRN for the purchase order.

Under/Over Deliveries

BCE accommodates over and deliveries and this is easily managed using the scanning app.

Over delivery

Scanned or enter the quantity received in the ‘Rcvd’ field and submit GRN:

The Scanning app will prompt with a warning that the delivered quantity does not match the ordered quantity:

The GRN is created using the over delivered quantity.

Under delivery

Scanned or enter the quantity received in the ‘Rcvd’ field and submit GRN.

The purchase order is updated as ‘Partially received.

Barcode Scanning - Troubleshooting

There may be several reasons why a barcode might fail to scan or is not recognised:

·         ​The barcode format is not supported by the BCE scanning app

·         The scanning is not being performed at the optimal angle or distance

·         The barcode has been changed by the supplier or no barcode is supplied with the stock item

To proceed with receiving the stock items and to submit your goods received note:

·         Find the purchase order by entering PO number or by searching by the supplier

·         If any of the stock items do not have a barcode number

·         Open the purchase order summary and manually update the received quantity

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