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Release Notes (pdf)


Due December 2021

Emailing improvements

22 October 2021

Scanning App

Pre-payment Journals

Stock Item – Last Update Note

Custom Reporting

  • Fixed Asset Data Fields
  • Sample Reports – Free Stock Report and Purchase Invoices Awaiting Payment Report
  • Additional Stock Domain Fields
  • Sales and Finance – Redundant Data Fields

Projects – Support for Backdated Financial Reports

Sales Order API - Due Date (e-Commerce)

Stock & Order Items - Export/Import

Release Notes


September 2021

End of Year Processing/Reporting

Asset Register – Support for Departments

New Reporting Domain – Operations for Custom Reports and Dashboards

Release Notes 1.8.3.pdf


July 2021

Addition of New domain CRM

CRM Dashboard

Sample Report – Current Stock valuation

Additional fields added to Domains

Release Notes 1.8.2.pdf


March 2021

BCE Payroll Changes for 2021-2022

Updates to the planned rollout of Dashboards and Custom Reports

Release Notes 1.8.1.pdf


February 2021

Sales Delivery Notes

Financial Periods Control

BCE Excel Functions

Sales Order Lines – Frequency of Repeating Items

Release Notes 1.8.0.pdf


December 2020

HMRC – Postponed VAT Accounting

VAT Return Changes – Importing Services from the EU

Support for Commercial Invoices for Exports

Release Notes 1.7.1.pdf


October 2020

Financial Budgets

Stock Groups including Chart of Accounts updates

Release Notes 1.7.0.pdf


July 2020

Supplier Payment Run

Part Payments and Receipts

Journal List Screen

Search and Advanced Search

Journal Line Narratives

Auto Reversing Journals

Stock below Minimum Quantity Report

Support Tickets - Custom Fields

Release Notes R1.6.0.pdf


07 April 2020

Standalone Credit Notes

Credit Note Date

Release Notes 1.5.11.pdf


03 April 2020

Customisable Chart of Accounts

Changes to Menu Positions

Release Notes 1.5.10.pdf

16 March 2020

Payroll – Tax Rate Update 2020

  • Statutory deductions rates and thresholds 2020/2021
  • New FPS data fields for reporting employee car benefits to HMRC

Release Notes


14 February 2020

Quick Reverse - Financial transactions

Payroll – HMRC legislation changes 2020

  • P60 Report
  • P32 Report
  • Benefits in Kind – Cars

Profit & Loss Reports

  • Ability to save reports
  • Quick Links
  • Managing saved reports

Other Features

  • Converting cancelled payslips to ‘Payment on Account’
  • Converting quotes to orders - line item descriptions

Release Notes 1.5.9.pdf


11 January 2020

Profit & Loss UI Refresh

Flexible Payment Terms

Out of Period Documents

Release Notes 1.5.8.pdf


15 November 2019

Analysis by Projects and Departments

Release Notes 1.5.7.pdf


10 October 2019

Revised customer and supplier show screens

Release Notes 1.5.6.pdf


20 August 2019

Accounts Activity Report

Stock Activity Report

Release Notes 1.5.5.pdf


12 July 2019

Custom Documents

Importing Events

Release Notes 1.5.4.pdf

17 June 2019

Custom Fields


Release Notes R1.5.3.1.pdf


20 may 2019

Stock Adjustments - Expiry date

Activating obsoleted stock locations

Stock Enquiry - Forecast

Release Notes R1.5.3.pdf


29 April 2019

Stock Allocations Additional Features

MRP Improvements

Release Notes R1.5.2.pdf

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